Why Dont British People Get Braces – Stunning Ideas

Do people in Britain not wear braces?

Overall, it is clear that the cost of braces in the uk is prohibitively expensive for most people, and only the elite can afford them. However, the National Health Care Service does provide some coverage for dental treatment, which can be accessed for free. This means that while braces may not be available to everyone, at least some dental care is available to those who need it.

What is the estimated number of people in the UK who require braces?

Overall, it is clear that the british orthodontics societys statistic of 200,000 people getting braces every year is a testament to the importance of orthodontic care in the uk. The National Health Services coverage of orthodontics for those under 18 is a great benefit, but it also comes with some drawbacks. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that the UK is taking steps to ensure that everyone has access to the orthodontic care they need.

Do people in the UK have teeth that are crooked?

The assumption that british people have worse teeth than americans is largely a myth. While there may be some truth to the stereotype, it is largely perpetuated by jokes and media portrayals. Ultimately, the quality of someones teeth is determined by their access to dental care, not their nationality.


British people generally do not get braces because they are expensive and not always necessary. Braces are often seen as a cosmetic procedure, and many people in the UK do not feel the need to invest in them. Additionally, the NHS does not cover the cost of braces, so many people cannot afford them. In some cases, braces may be recommended by a dentist, but this is usually only for severe cases of misalignment. Ultimately, the decision to get braces is a personal one, and many British people choose not to get them.