What Happened To Junior The Paralyzed Lion Cub – Things Nobody Tells You

What became of Misfit the lion cub?

The death of the lion cub featured on bbcs big cat diary is a tragic reminder of the dangers that wild animals face in their natural habitats. The Maasai Mara reserve is home to many species of wildlife, and the poisoning and attack of this lion cub is a heartbreaking reminder of the fragility of life in the wild. Conservation efforts must be taken to ensure that these animals are protected and that their habitats are preserved. The death of this lion cub is a reminder of the importance of conservation and the need to protect these animals from harm.


Junior the paralyzed lion cub was rescued by the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and given the care and attention he needed to live a happy and healthy life. He was able to move around with the help of a custom-made wheelchair and was able to enjoy the company of other lions. He was a beloved member of the sanctuary and was an inspiration to many. He passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him and the many people who were inspired by his story.