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Our treatment protocols are based on scientific information about animal behavior, psycho-pharmacology, learning theory, and behavioral medicine. We are willing to work with any behavior problem and any species. We do not consider any patient or problem hopeless. Owners of aggressive dogs are encouraged to pursue treatment as early as possible and should understand liability issues associated with treatment.

What is Involved in a Behavior Consultation?

The initial behavior consultation will take place in person with you, your pet and Dr. Sung. A typical in person consultation usually lasts 1.5 - 2 hours with follow-up consultations to be conducted by telephone as needed.

  1. You will be asked questions regarding your pet’s behavioral background and problem.

  2. Your pet’s behavior will be observed as it interacts with you and others.

  3. Your pet’s problem, treatment options and behavioral goals will be discussed.

Dogs with human directed aggression will need to wear a basket muzzle during the consultation.

What Treatments Are Used?

Treatment consists of environmental and behavior modification. Training tools and natural remedies are often incorporated into the treatment plan. If medical problems are contributing to the abnormal behavior, these issues will be addressed directly or with the assistance of the regular veterinarian. Exercises are demonstrated and instructions are provided for pet owners to follow at home.

These exercises focus on relaxation and benign interactions that should not provoke anxiety or aggression. In certain cases, the doctor may talk to you regarding the use of behavioral medication. Medication is used short-term and needs to be used in conjunction with behavior modification in order for it to be effective.

Medication alone will not resolve the animal’s behavior problem. Laboratory testing may be recommended for cases requiring medication.

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