Im To The Point Where I Don T Care Anymore – Powerful Ways

What is the point of caring about my future?

Overall, our brains are hardwired to not think about our future selves. This is likely due to the fact that thinking about our current selves triggers different brain regions than when thinking about our future selves. Additionally, thinking about future you activates the same areas of the brain as when we think about other people. This suggests that our brains are not wired to think about our future selves, but rather to think about other people. This could be beneficial in terms of helping us to plan for our future and make decisions that will benefit us in the long run.


I have reached a point where I no longer care about the things that used to matter to me. I have become apathetic and indifferent to the world around me. I have lost my motivation and enthusiasm for life. I have become numb to the joys and sorrows of life. I have become a shell of my former self, and I don't care anymore.