How To Pull Up Bobbin Thread When Quilting – An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Why is it not possible for me to pull the bobbin thread up?

There are several potential causes for a machine not to pick up the bobbin thread. The upper thread could be tangled, the correct size spool cap should be used for the size of the thread spool, and the tension should be adjusted. Taking the time to troubleshoot the issue and make the necessary adjustments can help ensure that the machine is working properly and that the bobbin thread is picked up correctly.


Pulling up the bobbin thread when quilting is an important step in the quilting process. It ensures that the quilt is properly secured and that the stitches are even and secure. To pull up the bobbin thread, first thread the needle with the top thread. Then, hold the needle and thread in one hand and the bobbin in the other. Gently pull the bobbin thread up until it is even with the top thread. Finally, tie the two threads together in a knot to secure the quilt. With these simple steps, you can easily pull up the bobbin thread when quilting and ensure that your quilt is secure and beautiful.