How To Get 3 Wishes From A Genie – In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you had a genie, what three wishes would you ask for?

My wishes are to have a house, to become a one world champion, and to find a wife who loves me for who i am. These wishes are all achievable with hard work and dedication, and I am determined to make them come true.

Which three things would you wish for if you could?

No matter which wish you choose, the ultimate goal is to be happy. Happiness is the key to a fulfilling life, and it is something that we all strive for. Whether you choose wealth, success, fame, status, attractiveness, sex, health, or enlightenment, the most important thing is that you find joy and contentment in your life. With that in mind, may your wish come true and bring you the happiness you seek.


Getting 3 wishes from a genie is a great way to make your dreams come true. To get your wishes, you must first find a genie. This can be done by searching for a magical lamp or bottle, or by using a spell or ritual. Once you have found a genie, you must make sure to be respectful and polite when making your wishes. Be sure to think carefully about what you wish for, as the genie may interpret your wishes in unexpected ways. With a bit of luck and careful thought, you can get 3 wishes from a genie and make your dreams come true.